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Beer is Party, enjoyment and relaxation. Beer has a history - beer brewing is a craft with a long tradition. Beer is refreshing, thirst quencher but also something for Gourmet. Beer is healthy. Beer connects. Beer is variety: Pilsner, Kölsch, wheat beer, lager, export, Bock Beer, "Alt" (old) but also gourmet beers, craft beers and ales character.

Beer and the German Purity Law are typicaly German . But beer is also diversity in beer styles and beer brands. On this page you can find information on the breweries, the brewing process, tips for beer enjoyment and health.

In our shop there are in addition to forest beer, IPA and Barleywine also Triple Bock and vintage beers or great beers of crazy young brewers... Just have a look at our biershop!